Vegan MoFo Days 1-2


I’m a little behind but here are my first two days of catch up.  My theme for VeganMoFo is to try one new thing a day. Whether it be cooking with a new ingredient, a new snack from my Vegan Cuts box, new vegan shampoo, a new kitchen utensil… You get the idea. Some days will include recipes, others might not but follow along as I try 30 NEW things. New is different, different can be scary, so I’m going to try and go outside my comfort zone.

And to play catch up, here are the past two days:

September 1, Day 1 of Vegan MoFo

New Item: Field Roast Lentil and Sage Slices, Daiya Provolone Slices

photo 1

I’ve been hearing a lot about Field Roast, the self proclaimed artisan vegan meat company, and was excited to finally try one of their products.  I paired the thinly cut lentil sage slices with Daiya provolone on foccacia bread with some sliced Jersey tomato. I didn’t even add any dressing, just some Earth Balance butter on each side of the bread to toast it up nicely on a griddle. I was surprised by how rich and decadent the Field Roast slices were, how much the Diaya provolone tasted like traditional cow’s milk cheese and how beautifully they paired together! I toasted each side of the bread and let the cheese melt a little, served with some chips on the side.

I found both at Whole Foods at $3.99 each, pretty reasonably priced and I know there are often coupons for both products. Nutrition facts are available online for each product but I do especially love how high in protein the Field Roast slices are so I will likely be going back to pick more of those up.

September 2, Day 2 of Vegan MoFo

New Item: Plumcot (Pluotsapriumsapriplums, or plumcots, are some of the hybrids between plums and apricots.)

photo 2

A local Trader Joe’s find, I’d never heard of or seen these but I had a sweet craving and for .49 cents, figured I’d see what they’re about. I have to admit, I was also initially attracted to that unique skin! I happened to pick a perfectly ripened one so I can’t advise on how to do that because it was purely an accident but this was fantastic!  It tasted more plum than apricot but I wonder how these would cook up or taste in a dessert? Hm…


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