Vegan MoFo, Day 5

My “something new” for the day were these Light Life veggie protein links. I’m so not a fan of meat substitutes. I didn’t go vegan to replace what I left behind and I hate how processed it is BUT for two bucks at Trader Joe’s, I knew I had a crazy week coming up with classes starting and also knew I needed to find ways to sneak in the ridiculous amount of protein I’m getting from these new macros. The veggie protein links fit a lot of those requirements: low fat, low cal, high protein but high in sodium also (non-GMO so that’s always a bonus). I sautéed mine in a pan and cut up over a salad. They tasted like… a soy dog. Nothing to rave about but if they were the only vegan option at a BBQ, I’d be happy with that, too. All in all, I’d recommend.

Consuming too much soy lately :/ but bear with me as I figure out ways to fit these macros and try new things during Vegan MoFo!
(Sorry I covered the name like a loser!)



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