Vegan MoFo, Day 19

Today’s new thing: vegan cheese pizza from Whole Foods!
photo copy

A few weeks back, I was strolling through the Whole Foods prepared foods section and just wasn’t happy with the warm selections in the buffet trays. I looked through the part where they have the chefs and was pleasantly surprised to see they had VEGAN PIZZA! Now, this is a really big deal because 1.) Vegan pizza is nonexistent close to me (yes, the city is always there but they don’t deliver across the river lol) and b.) pizza is the kind of thing I really don’t have too much patience making. I didn’t buy it then because I think I was still figure prepping but I finally gave in and picked some up.
I don’t know what kind of cheese they use but I’m going to guess Daiya – it comes by the pound and the person behind the counter slices it as small or big as you’d like. I really only wanted to taste it so I asked for a very small slice and it came to $1.44 so that’s really not bad. Figure a more substantial piece plus some toppings from the salad bar could be like $5. (And you can get dessert and drinks right there, too!) The cheese was tasty, definitely a couple of kinds on there and the sauce was also super tasty and the crust, I believe, was whole wheat. I’m really looking forward to going back and maybe grabbing lunch with my parents and having this as an option!


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