Gift Wrapping

You only have one chance to make a first impression; presentation matters! A beautifully wrapped present heightens the sense of anticipation for the person fortunate enough to receive it. Each present is uniquely wrapped to fit you or your recipient’s own style.

21685_10151316381853234_2127805040_nWith my gift wrapping services, I will custom wrap your present for you in your home.  There is no need to stand on line in the store waiting for your present to be wrapped, only to come home and see that the wrapping was ruined somewhere between the store and your house. I will come to your home with my own supplies to do ALL your wrapping at one time.

Appointments to be scheduled with one week notice; same day services available at an additional charge.

My gift wrapping will have:

  • Clean lines, clear tape.
  • High quality wrapping paper.
  • Handmade bows with addition satin, tulle, or other decorative elements.
  • Careful labeling and organization of gifts.

You’re welcome to be as involved in the process or be completely handoffs. Do you want a theme, set of colors, or a particular look? We can arrange before the gift wrapping.

Gift Wrap Price List

The fees below include the following:  ribbon, gift wrap, and gift tags. (Embellishment and boxes* are extra.) If you are unsure about how the present will be categorized as, please email me the dimensions and I categorize it appropriately for you.

$6.00 $8.00 $15.00 $20.00

*All boxes are $2.00



Examples: novel books, jewelry, iPod, scarf, ornaments, etc.


Examples: shirt boxes, small board games, iPad, wall calendars, mugs, etc.


Examples: kitchen appliances robes, laptops, etc.


Examples: luggage, baby furniture, etc.


All odd shaped items (medium, large, x-large), will incur an additional fee per item. Think a bicycle, yoga ball, golf club, etc. Cost will be assessed. There’s absolutely nothing I can’t wrap 🙂

6228_10151308380428234_495828202_nThe “Just for Kids” Special

Maybe you don’t need the full service with handmade bows and tulle but have just too many presents for you to wrap yourself? If you need a simpler gift wrap for a large quantity of items, I also offer an hourly rate. A lower cost option that will also save you a huge amount of time!   You can upgrade an individual item as needed.







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