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I’m a 200hr RYT. I am available for group, private, and corporate classes; 24hr notice required.  Please contact me directly for rates.

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My Instruction and Practice

Once I started practicing regularly and learning about the postures, it made sense to me that I was always drawn to heart opening poses. While it might make more sense to have shied away from those poses that exposed and opened me up, I felt safe on the mat, it was a little rubber rectangle island. One of my favorite poses is still Urdhva Dhanurasana and cues that resonate with me the most are about lifting and opening the heart. I look forward to sequencing classes towards intentions or themes of love and kindness.1926262_10152339822843234_138539197_o

As a writer, I know how powerful words can be. My favorite yoga classes have been ones where the teacher has read from a book or store at some point during class. Or maybe starting class with a story, even a personal one, has resonated with my practice. I collect quotes, stories, passages, and am constantly highlighting or saving words that I think would be important for others to hear, too.  Even the words we use to cue people into poses can be so powerful: “Inhale love, exhale fear.” Coming back to the word “love” constantly throughout a practice can be so amazing. There are so many ways to incorporate what I’ve learned into teaching but I know I have to balance it with some light heartedness, too. Yoga can and should be fun. I think I’ll need to work on balancing the more serious classes with lighter energy but, of course, this will only come with time and reading the energy in the room. For now, it’s fun to think of all the ways to infuse a room with love and more love.

Everyone has different struggles but it benefits no one to compare the amount of suffering or sadness in a situation because hurts just hurts. Knowing the profound impact Yoga has had on me, I hope to share that with others. I hope that through my own reflection and practice, my instruction will allow students to feel safe and find the light and love within themselves and in others. I know that if they just keep coming to the mat, transformation will happen. Every inhale and exhale moves the mist to expose the purest form of unconditional love and works towards clearing years of fear we’ve been taught to practice. If your thoughts become your actions and your words become your reality, it’s time to live a new reality; one not in fear or darkness but in love and in light.

img_4928 Coming to the mat is a miracle, “and that’s what a miracle is: a part of the mists, a shift in perceptions, a return to love” (xxiv) and “through the miraculous power of pure love, we let go our past history in any area and begin again” (84). Asana has allowed me to love again and again and again. Yoga has allowed me to deepen that love within myself and with others.  “Love only gives rise to more love” (167) and I am choosing love. Every moment is a new opportunity to choose love above all else. I know that when someone steps on a mat, they are choosing love. I can’t believe that one day I am going to get to share that experience with someone.